The superlative of freshness

Explore your greener side with the freshest range of groceries from Khorak Supermarket.

We offer you vegetables, fruit, spices and everything else you need for a delicious feast. From premium quality middle-eastern foods to the best locally-sourced produce, you have everything it takes to brighten up your meals. Roasted with meat-based dishes, conserved and ready-to-use in traditional recipes or fresh and crunchy in salads, all our vegetables will be enjoyed even by the fussiest of family and friends.

Interested in a new fruit cake recipe or in quenching your thirst with some vitamin-packed fruit juice?

Discover our range of tropical or seasonal fruits and pick from dozens of flavours, colours and textures. Your taste buds deserve this pampering.

So, if you want to explore your greener side, start by paying us a visit – everything you want under one roof!



Dried nuts and fruit

Eggs and dairy