Love from the very first bite

Turning food concepts into delicious meals is what we do best.

Our speciality? Iranian foods, in traditional recipes or with a twist, ready to satisfy the hunger and the curiosity of even the pickiest of clients. Once a week or every day, dare to leave the cooking to us – the results will surprise you and your family in the most delicious ways.

Our secret? Our chefs. They are experts in both Middle-Eastern and Canadian cuisine, which makes them able to accommodate the largest range of culinary needs.

More than that, they believe in healthy eating habits and love to explore all the cooking options needed to accommodate everyone’s preferences. From dietetic alternatives to raw dishes, you can find everything you and your family need in order to enjoy a deliciously nutritious and healthy meal.

Freshly-cooked and served with love – that’s our way to make your life easy.

Gheimeh Stew

Ghormeh Sabzi Stew

Bamieh Stew

Dill Rice

Loubia Polo

White Rice


Baghali Polo with Chicken

Ghalie Mahi with Rice

Koobideh with Rice

Jujeh Breast with rice

Vaziri with Rice

Eggplant Stew

Zereshk Polo Whole chicken

Soltani with Rice